New Bike – Specialized Turbo

OK here are a few pictures of the new Specialized Turbo.  Its a screaming great commuter  bike.


Use Caution! When in Turbo mode you can accelerate to 27 mph quick.

Specialized Turbo Controls

Specialized Turbo controls – the SRAM X0 10 speed DoubleTap controller and the red + and – mode control for the pedal assist. There are four modes – turbo, eco, off, and regenerate. The first time you bump the button into regenerate and instead of getting a boost you find yourself pedaling a heavy bike and powering a generator its a surprise.

Specialized Turno

I think the Specialized Turbo is a good looking bike. It’s a 29er. The tires have Kevlar and are slicks.

I have hit the 27 mph limit on flat stretches, its amazing how easy it is to go fast. The limit is to keep the bike a legal bike and not a motor vehicle with tabs and insurance, etc. You can pedal on and exceed the 27 mph limit, the motor won’t help though.

Specialized Turbo wiringThe Specialized Turbo has waterproof wiring.


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